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Ultraclean Solar Sales & Servicing  is Family Owned  Operated Local South West Solar Business covering
Hamilton, Ballarat, Portland, Warrnambool
Casterton, Coleraine, Western Victoria & Mount Gambier Area.

 We Supply , Design , And install the Best quality Solar at great prices, all Ultraclean solar installations use local
R.E.C & C.E.C Accredited installers  Local Back up Services & product  Warranties with large Local Wholesale Suppliers!

 Ultraclean Solar will assess the right  application for your Home, Farm, Business and offer a free no obligation energy assessment and no more to pay price quote!

​We can also Clean and check your Solar System!
All you need to do is Call or fill in the Solar quote form and we will be in touch soon!

Hamilton, Ballarat, Mt Gambier.
* Ask about our Nano Solar Coatings

"Dirty Solar Panels cost you Money"


We offer a Free Panel Clean
& Check in the
 first 12 months of our Solar installation.
*We also stock Enphase Micro inverters & Redback Hybrid Systems.
Trina , L.G, Suntech, Qcells Solar Panels &
Zeversolar Inverters !
 Home, Farm, Commercial

​*We take care of 
Approvals & inspections !

* Victorian Government rebate post installation Check conditions.

* All Quotes include G.S.T.

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 Proudly Supporting our Drought affected Farmers & Sporting Clubs
100 % ​Locally owned and operated.



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